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Q: Hello, I am an overseas customer, how do I place an order?

A: Thank you for coming! Overseas guests please contact us directly via Whatsapp/Line (please click " Contact Us " for the QR code ), and we will see how to arrange it for you.


Q: Whatsapp you, how long will it take to get back to me?

A: Because the staff of the store is quite limited, I will reply to you as soon as possible. If there is no response after 24 hours , please let me know, thank you very much!


Q: After the deadline for ordering, do you have to place an order?

A: You can Whatsapp us first, we will try our best to make arrangements, so that everyone can buy what they like! However, you have to wear the helmet first, I can't guarantee success, it depends on the actual situation .


Q: If you accidentally place the wrong order or want to change the order... Is it okay to count?

A: Don't worry, don't panic, Whatsapp back to us and follow up ! (help you help you....)


Q: How about ordering for money?

A: Thank you for your help! We offer the following payment methods:

- Paypal (Master / Visa / American Express)


- Fast speed (FPS)

- Tap and Go 

- Online transfer 

- ATM access

    All Pay code or bank account information can be viewed in the " Payment Method " on the return page.


    Q: How much is the shipping fee?

    A: All shipping methods and shipping costs will be collected (except for products marked as the responsibility of the seller).

    Q: If I don't want to post by surface, can I transfer by registered mail?

    A: We will recommend you to use SF Express. If you have any other problems in this area, you are welcome, Whatsapp us!


    Q: How long do I have to pay for an order?

    A: If you place an order as a guest, please check it out within 2 days . If the payment is not received after 2 days, we will cancel the order .


    Q; After successfully placing an order and receiving money, can you click on the payment record and return it to you?

    A: Please refer to " Payment Methods " and " Payment Instructions (Must Check) ".


    Q: How long does it take to receive the goods after you have done a good job in the payment process?

    A: If it is in stock, after confirming the order, Xiaobian will deliver the goods within 7 working days. If it is a new product pre-order (for details, you can go to the " New Product Pre-Order Instructions " on the page), it usually takes at least one month to ship first, please wait patiently!


    Q: I received the package, but there seems to be a problem with it. Do I have to return or exchange it?

    A: For details on returns and exchanges, you can check the " Return and Exchange Policy " on the return page.


    Q: Wait until Haonai Duzhong has not received the loan, will you count it?

    A: Whatspp we can help you follow up . However, I would like to remind everyone by the way, remember to be accurate when entering the information , so as not to cause unnecessary problems and not receive the goods, it is not good!


    Q: I still have a question, but I haven't mentioned it yet. How about counting?

    A: Zhong wait! ? Raise your hand high, wash your hands and be afraid of being ugly XD, of course, whatsapp us right away!

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