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Customers who support us know that our products are all designed by our own company, and they are made with painstaking efforts. Therefore, they are generally not available from stock, depending on everyone's response (of course, great efforts are the best XD), Then place an order with the production company to pick up the goods.

Therefore, after paying for the pre-ordered product, it generally takes at least one month to make.

Due to slow work and careful delivery of goods, please wait patiently. When the goods arrive, we will deliver them as soon as possible!

If you have any questions and want to inquire further, welcome to Whatsapp us! !

In the end, I have to say a return sentence: "Thank you for supporting Panda all the way, both brothers and sisters!!"

Thanks to your support, Panda gradually grows up and creates more Zheng Ye for everyone😘😘

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