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Store Terms and Policies
When you click to agree to the terms and conditions of service when you check out the shopping cart, it means that you have known and agreed to all the terms of this agreement. The store will protect your personal data in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and abide by the store's privacy protection policy.


Order related 
1 The store reserves the right to accept or not the order. If it is unable to accept your order due to an accident or other circumstances, it will contact you by phone, MAIL or through the order message on the site, and you can change the order content or issue a refund. If it causes your inconvenience, Please forgive me.

2 To order a variety of products, please check out in the same shopping cart. If more than two orders are generated by separate checkout, please complete the payment according to the respective dedicated payment methods/accounts. The system cannot combine payment and combined orders for shipment. Please be sure to pay attention to. 

3 The price of the ordered product is based on the price on the website when you place the order. 

4 Please fill in your real name, delivery address and contact information clearly and accurately. 

5 PandaRescue is not responsible for order delays, inability to deliver, and shipping costs due to the following circumstances

The content of the order is incomplete and the payment is not made within the time. The wrong message and the indetailed address are provided. The delivery of the goods is unsigned, resulting in the cost of repeated delivery and related responsibilities.


Store Privacy Policy

Data collection and use 
The store may provide the information necessary for the delivery of goods or services to the logistics company for delivery or contact.


data disclosure 
The store will not disclose or sell your personal information to anyone except in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, except to cooperate with the investigation of law enforcement agencies, other relevant agencies or law enforcement units according to law, or if you have violated laws or contracts to claim your rights. material.


Privacy Policy Amendment 
The store reserves the right to revise this privacy protection policy at any time. If there are major changes that affect your rights and interests, the store will announce it on the appropriate location of the webpage.  


If the PandaRescue sales system is damaged or cannot be used normally due to force majeure factors or other reasons beyond PandaRescue ’s control, resulting in the inability to complete online transactions or the loss of relevant data, records, etc., PandaRescue will assist in handling the aftermath as reasonably as possible and reduce customer losses. to the minimum.  


problem handling
If customers have any questions or disputes with PandaRescue , they can go to "Contact the Owner" on the official website or resolve them according to the agreement and relevant laws recognized by both parties at that time. 

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