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Return and exchange instructions:

1. If the product is found to be defective (excluding the possible defects notified before purchase), damage or shortage of accessories , it will be returned or exchanged according to the reasonable actual situation .

2. Please keep the product clean and intact , unused or cleaned .

3. Before placing an order to buy, please reconfirm whether your order size and specifications meet the needs, and the size will not be returned or replaced .

4. After receiving the goods, you can enjoy a 7-day appreciation period (including holidays) . If you find that the goods are in the condition listed in the first point during the appreciation period, and you need to return the goods (return according to the return procedure), please keep the original packaging. The integrity of the product , we will fully protect your shopping rights.

5. Inquiries about returns and exchanges during the appreciation period can be made through:

     * Whatsapp   (local/overseas guests)

     * Line  (Overseas guests)

6. Benchmark calculation of the seven-day appreciation period: It will be calculated from the day after the consumer receives the goods .

7. The following circumstances may affect your return rights :

         * Before you receive the item, you have been given the opportunity to inspect the item.

         * The item has exceeded the seven-day appreciation period.

         * The product has been used, washed and cleaned.

         * The tag has been cut and the item has been used or cleaned.

         *Stain marks due to trying on.

         * There is a shortage of product body, accessories, accessories, receipts, invoices, gifts, etc.

    8. Please attach relevant information for return:

         * Order number:

         * Name:

         * address:

         * Telephone:

         * Items to be replaced (color/size):

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